View 110 220 Motor Wiring Diagram Gif

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View 110 220 Motor Wiring Diagram
. Seems like you need an electrician. Once you've studied the motor wiring diagram, you may begin the process of rewiring your motor to your desired voltage setting.

Motor Wiring Diagrams | Groschopp
Motor Wiring Diagrams | Groschopp from
50 hz ac output : • check to ensure that wiring is in an orderly state • fall or shock can adversely affect the safety functions. The motor is the most complicated part of this diagram.

There is a light that runs off of 110v and is controlled by a switch.

This procedure works for electric motors that are able to operate with either 110 or 220 volt power by changing a few wiring connections. Notice that the motor coils are connected to an internal motor switch, which is only closed if the motor is running. Going to do 220 but running the wire may be fun. 110 volt wiring diagram shows connect #1 r and #4 b to one side and #2 y and #3 g to the other.

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